Our Story

Deadly Rabbits: an F&B group in Hong Kong – the brainchild of Bart Szyniec and Giuliano Dacasto—two friends who share a passion for food, good times, and absurdist humour.

Bart’s innovative approach to creating new concepts inspired him to start a restaurant that would bring something new to Hong Kong’s F&B scene. He wanted to create a place where people could go for great value for money food with a quality experience.

Giuliano, on the other hand, has always put soul into his hearty recipes, so when it came time to create new dishes, he knew he wanted to serve something that was both authentic and modern. He wanted his guests to be able to experience Italian cuisine in the way that Italians do—with family-style platters served at communal tables or in cozy alcoves.

The first Ask for Alonzo opened its doors to the corporate hub of Quarry Bay with a cozy 14-seat capacity. It was an instant success; it quickly spread across the city’s benevolent neighbourhoods like Tai Hang, Happy Valley, Soho and now Star Street—the newest location which opened in January 2023.

And when we set out to launch Deadly Rabbits in 2022, we knew that we wanted to do it differently. We wanted to create a dining experience unlike any other, and what better way than to take inspiration from the beer cultures of Berlin, Prague, and Vienna? With its 30L ceiling-mounted beer tanks filled with iconic seasonal and year-round brews from local and international brands, Porkcentric was born to provide a diverse dining experience with the taste of Central Europe, focusing on charcoal-grilled dishes, seafood, and pork.

Though it might seem like we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings as Bart Szyniec and Giuliano Dacasto’s side project while they were still working together at their old jobs, our mission is still the same: to offer food that’s good for you (and good for your wallet), plus plenty of fun and humor along the way. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!


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